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what tiem is it?

Tonight I went out dirnking with my aniki!!11

We had abit to drink btween the 2 of us. or a lot kind of. Man my hand feels dizzy.

Mizuki can't hold his liqor at ALL though. Hes passed out on my couch right now adn looks realy uncomfortble all squished up liek that. I totally drunk more than he did and he's such a lightweiht he cant even stay awake right now. He cant even make it home on the train tonight. what am I our mother??

Oh well he's my aniki and I love him. I lvoe you aniki. (;_)

And I'm hosting Panic studio this week ayaaaaaaaaaaay~!

Eiji im gonan call you while we're on air okay? I know i always call you anyway but I'm gonna call you for sure this time becuase I'll miss my Eijikins chu chu chu.

I don't feel so good I think its time for slepe now.

Ichigo could kick Harry's butt any day

So how many people read the final Harry Potter???

Well I didn't (>_<) What's the big deal about a book that comes out once every five years when we get Shounen Jump every week!?

I think Eiji read it though. He disappeared on me for three days and wasn't answering my phone calls or text messages at all (;_;) Ei~ji~ *sad*

Tonight I was lazy and had cup ramen for dinner. It was terrible cup ramen, not nearly as good as the usual brand that I buy. I don't even remember why I bought this other brand in the first place! (>_<) Don't let anyone tell you different, but it's true - there really are some cup ramen better than others.

We have two girls in Time Box now!

...I'm wondering if I should be worried.

Eiji you were kidding that time about the boobs, right? (;_;)


So how's everyone doing today? (^o^)

Look at what I found! A rare picture of Moriyama Eiji when he was 10 years old and his parents took him to Yokohama the first time (^o^)

Wasn't he just the cutest little kid ever?? I always feel happy when I see that awe and wonder in kid's eyes, when they see something incredible for the first time and express all of that emotion without any hesitation. It's really something to admire as an adult, ne? We rarely get the chance to do that anymore, so when we do experience something for the first time, be sure to call on that little kid that lives inside of you so you can appreciate it fully! ~(^o^)~

Work, work~


It's been a little while, but we're finally announcing our newest play - Time Box! This has been in the works for awhile and everyone's had something to contribute to help make it even better, so it's really a labor of love among the *pnish* members and something I think all of us will be able to be proud of once it's completed and being shown to audiences. Our dreams of being able to perform at the Aoyama theater are finally coming true, and to think that *pnish* has come this far in just a few years... it brings me to tears of happiness ;_;

To tell the truth we've been doing a lot of planning for the play but the script is still a work in progress. I'm working closely with Besshi and we're writing every day, tweaking and adding new material, and also consulting the other members on their thoughts and imput. It really is becoming a group labor of love, but like all good things will take a bit of time to polish and get the way we want it to. I'll be working hard to show my best side and not disappoint everyone with a crappy script (^o^)

Because the announcement for the play is so new we're just now starting auditions for parts at the office. It's really exciting to think of what new talent might show up on our doorstep, or what familiar faces we might see come in to work with us again. There's a lot of parts in this play and everyone has an important role to play, so I'm optimistic we'll get some incredibly talented actors stepping in to take on the challenge. Do your best everyone! Don't be scared of a little hard work! (-_☆)

I have to call Besshi later today so we can plan a time to sit down and talk about the script some more (^-^) Besshi, if you see this before you get a call from me, let me know when it's a good time, okay? And hello to all the new members of Time Box on my friend's list, yoroshiku ne~ ☆

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