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Hai! I'm Sano Daiki, also known as Daiki-chan and Leader of the four-man group *pnish*!

Eiji's told me that a bio is where I write about myself, so I guess that means I should tell you a little bit about my life and pnish and how wonderful Eiji is (he's my second-in-command). Eiji's really great. He's been by my side for so long and he's really handsome and funny and has a really soft and silky voice, and he's pretty sexy too, even he says so! And it's true! He's a good dancer and an actor and he works as a seiyuu sometimes too and lets me come along and watch from outside the studio...

Oh right, I'm forgetting to write about the important stuff, like our great group *pnish*! I'm the Leader of a bunch of really cool guys and we do all sorts of fun things, like we put on plays and sometimes produce other plays and just recently we had a really fun birthday party ☆! We're 6 years old now! Yaaaaay!!! o(^O^)o Next we're doing Time Box, and I'm so excited to be working with so many people and having so much fun (^0^)/

Everyone will be buying tickets, right??